Fact: Flex’it is unique. Proof is no other jewellery brand can craft flexible bracelets which are exclusively made of 18kt gold. Nothing else is used. Unless you wish for an extra sparkle: then we add diamonds.

How is it ever possible? You might say. Well, Fope patented its own invention, the Flex'it system, after spending decades researching and innovating. So today the brand presents beautiful, elegant and comfortable jewellery with a contemporary twist.

The Flex’it bracelets are made under one roof in Vicenza, Italy, where state-of-the-art machines and custom techniques are used to make the signature mesh stretchable thanks to tiny gold springs hidden between each link. You don’t get to see them, but there are lots (according to design and size they go from 65 to more than 100!). Finally every Flex'it jewel is hand-finished, vacuum-sealed and shipped to selected jewellery stores around the world, with our quality control people being the last ones to touch them with their white gloves.

Delicate and yet incredibly resistant, Flex’it bracelets don’t have clasps as you can easily roll them onto your wrists. If this sounds appealing, there are six Flex’it collections and they all include a necklace, a ring and earrings in order to complement both everyday and very elegant outfits.