The Solo Venezia collection represents a tribute to the wonderful city of Venice where the first FOPE flagship store is located. But which elements of this amazing city inspired our product design team the most?



Yesterday we met one of our designers for a chat and we investigated a bit.

FOPE: Hi Andrea, let's talk about Solo Venezia, one of the latest collections FOPE launched at Baselworld. Where did you find the inspiration? 

Andrea: I started from a recent success of the brand, the Solo MiaLuce jewellery, which combines the comfort of Flex’it and a top of the line design. Its ribbon-like motif is beautiful and I aimed for a similar design, just less symmetrical and with an additional playful touch.

FOPE: The mesh is the same of the Solo collection. What has Venice got to do with it? 

Andrea: I went to university in Venice, but I think my love for it dates back to when I was a child. My parents used to take me to Venice often and I remember gaping at the art and the architecture. The Doge’s palace, or Ca' Ducale as the Venetians use to call it, was one of my favourite buildings: I used to count the arches from the base to the top pinnacles. Furthermore the FOPE brand is from Vicenza, which is very close to Venice and shares a similar culturale heritage.

FOPE: Can we say that architecture has been your key inspiration when designing Solo Venezia? 

Andrea: Yes, but not the only one. While I was working at this collection, I visited the Burano Island and discovered that the laces and embroidery tradition there is still thriving. I got back with my head full of images and ideas I felt I had to translate into jewellery. That’s how I conceived the ribbon-shaped feature of Solo Venezia: it is a smooth tangle of gold threads which recalls a precious fabric.

Here below Andrea's preparatory drawings. To see more sketches click here.