FOPE MiaLuce

The MiaLuce collection

The MiaLuce jewellery represent FOPE’s greatest achievement to date. At the heart of each piece there is a unique combination of Flex’it technology and craftsmanship, of high quality and distinctive design. The result is FOPE’s signature interpretation of contemporary luxury, one which blends inimitable Italian style and the pleasure to wear comfortable jewels.

The MiaLuce suites consist of three-strand Flex’it bracelets, lariats (and a collier variant in just one case), rings and earrings, all adorned lavishly with rows of diamonds.
As suggested by its name (MiaLuce translates into “my light”), this collection is designed with a knowledgeable sophisticated woman in mind, one who wears very elegant jewellery at the special occasions she attends.

The importance of details

MiaLuce is the epitome of FOPE’s core values which, since the very beginning, have included an intense attention to detail and to the quality of each piece of jewellery.
The 18 carat gold mesh feels incredibly smooth thanks to the exclusive techniques used in the Vicenza factory, where the local goldsmiths operate bespoke machines crimping together the gold components without the use of soldering.
As for Flex’it, FOPE’s patented invention, the original system of tiny gold springs is applied not only to the bracelets, but also to the white gold section of necklaces and lariats, which guarantees that they sit perfectly on one’s décolleté.

Select precious stones

The powerful original design aesthetic of the MiaLuce collection features undulating, organic shapes which come in three colour combinations: brown diamonds on yellow gold, black and white diamonds on white gold and finally white diamonds on either yellow, white or rose gold.
In this case, FOPE’s characteristic choice of finest quality materials reflects on the diamonds’ purity as well, as it is raised to VVS1.
An additional touch of luxury is provided by the stonesetting which exceptionally takes place in Valenza, Italy’s top expression of craftsmanship in this field: diamonds are meticulously set under a microscope in order to make each piece of jewellery even more sparkling.

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