goes mountain chic

Autumn has arrived and this is the perfect season to plan a trip to the stunning Veneto mountains.
Temperatures are still mild, but the light is shifting to new shades and the landscape colours are changing constantly to the warmest tones.
Once we reach our destination, an aperitivo in Asiago is a must: the town is absolutely the place to be, while its central square represents the best standpoint for peoplewatching, to look at the surroundings and… be looked at. On the morning after, the weather is ideal for an invigorating stroll outside: there is plenty of time before the evening calls for a pool game and a cosy chat by the fireplace.
The FOPE jewellery are obviously ever-present, with a selection depending on the outfit and the occasion - including the trip back. An escape is brief by definition and it is soon time to leave: skies are clear, new commitments await.

Everyday luxury

The gold and diamonds of the FOPE jewellery provide endless combinations, making it easy for everyone to create their unique combination of elegance and style. Every woman can be like the Italian actress and writer Miriam Candurro and choose how to wear her own idea of contemporary luxury while, in time, adding new pieces to their precious collection.
The Flex’it bracelets and rings are incredibly comfortable and exquisitely made, the sleek gold mesh of the necklaces and the earrings provide a perfect match and become indispensable complements to any chic outing.

FOPE design and produce their jewellery in Vicenza, where the skilled goldsmiths and the cutting-edge technologies conceived by the R&D team guarantee the highest quality standards to all jewels and sustainability to the whole production process.