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Everyday Journey

The 2021/22 FOPE campaign

Many different women, or maybe a woman with many different souls. Details recalling exotic places and distant traditions. Everyday Journey, FOPE’s latest campaign, portrays model Vita Mir embodying six distinct identities against a backdrop - both neutral and universal at the same time.

Shot by Joseph Cardo with the creative direction of Multiplo, the new photos showcase the versatility and elegance of the FOPE jewellery which becomes the ideal complement to any situation, while being essential to any outfit. The campaign will expand upon the theme of travels and unravel its multicultural plot during the next two years.

Everyday Journey #6

The last photograph of FOPE’s recent advertising campaign focuses on luxury with sophisticated Indian hints. The 2021/2022 Everyday Journey comes to an end by introducing the new Super Eka collection, a stunning jewellery line which adds… volume and sparkle to the brand’s bestselling namesake.

The gold links of the mesh chain gradually morph into a larger replica of the original design and are adorned lavishly with diamonds for a truly high-end elegance feel. The Flex’it bracelet and the necklace are matched by two sizes and styles of both earrings and rings, all meticulously finished and dramatically beautiful.

Everyday Journey #5

Enters Luna, the collection that best embodies FOPE’s contemporary soul. The new generously rounded shapes of the original gold chain go hand in hand with a revolutionary addition to the brand’s creations, the first Flex’it necklace ever released.

The fifth advertising image of this series represents a minimalist kind of elegance, with the model looking very sophisticated as the jewellery takes centre stage. The yellow, white and rose gold variants are matched together and the necklaces, worn as chokers as intended by the FOPE designers, become a bold statement of style and character.

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Everyday Journey #4

Translucent light and endless nuances, gold and precious stones: Bubble Rings are an explosion of colour and good cheer. The new last destination of this 2021 journey brings Arabian charm to FOPE’s collections, thanks to the charm of model Vita Mir dressed with a dress light as a feather.

Encased in the signature Novecento mesh, the Bubble Rings capsule collection exudes pure fun while it presents highly valuable jewellery pieces. They are made in Italy and are born from the union of sophisticated techniques, master craftsmanship and love for jewellery.

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Everyday Journey #3

Vendôme is the epitome of timeless style and understated luxury. Today the plain design of the precious oval mesh chain meets princess-cut and baguette cut diamonds for the first time, while including also rubies and blue sapphires.
Being a bestselling Flex’it collection, this new design is inspired by Art Deco and aims to knowledgeable jewellery lovers who appreciate wearing high-end sophisticated details.

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Everyday Journey #2

The new Essentials collection embodies the very idea of Everyday Luxury, thanks to its signature style and unbeatable wearability.

This 2021 highlight includes three flexible rings, which come in different widths, and three different earring designs which are equally characterised by elegance, versatility and comfort. These pieces of jewellery are made in 18 carat gold and are designed to match all other FOPE creations, representing a universal line of must-haves for the brand’s aficionados - and for first time enthusiasts.

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Everyday Journey #1

In the first image of the Everyday Journey campaign, Vita Mir wears a selection of jewellery from the Panorama collection, a celebration of FOPE’s signature #EverydayLuxury with an extra touch of preciousness.

The design is inspired by the iconic Novecento mesh and it features a wider and finer chain that provides an unexpectedly new feel on the skin. Each piece of the suite is decorated with a set of gold bars with diamonds which the model features with style, as it enhances her Mediterranean allure.