Anna and Alessandro said hello to their hostess and went off to find her husband, dispensing greetings to the other guests. Some were sitting on the sofas, others were standing around chatting. The ice had already been broken, and someone came up to them with glasses of wine. Anna declined: they were still wearing their jackets and she suggested Alessandro should give her his. She would go and put it somewhere, following the flow of recently arrived guests. He looked at her, went as if to kiss her hair but whispered instead, “Come back soon, I need you near me.”

She smiled as she moved away. A song was playing and she wanted to dance. She went along the hallway lost in happy thoughts, walking straight into Alice, the girl from the lift. They almost ended up on the floor: luckily, Alice instinctively put her arm around Anna’s waist, and she found herself up close and personal with a stranger.
She was embarrassed… but more about her clumsiness, because their half embrace wasn’t at all unpleasant. Time stood still for a fraction of a second, then she saw the red beard – and it’s surprised-looking owner – reflected in a mirror. All she could do was excuse herself and carry on with the evening. Tomorrow she would be gone. Tomorrow she would decide.


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