Let’s celebrate the Italian city that more than any other is pure magic these days, Venice. The narrow alleys and all the squares are foggy and grey, but coloured masks appear at every corner spreading a cheerful mood.
The Carnival kicked off on 27th January with a stunning night show at Cannaregio and the Flight of the Angel will take place on Sunday 4th February in Piazza San Marco, right in front of the FOPE flagship store. Meanwhile there is a fantastic schedule of events until the 13th February, i.e. Mardi Gras.

Our tribute to Carnival revolves around the theme of traditional masks and total black look, everything illuminated by the gold jewellery and the light of diamonds.
Who are these mysterious ladies? Their identity can only be revealed by the iconic design of the Eka collection jewellery they wear and the suite naturally includes the signature Flex’it bracelets too.