Summer 2017: five good reasons to choose Venice.

Venice is built upon 100 islands and it is supported by a complex and ingenious system of wooden piles. Isn’t it marvellous? It is the only city in the world standing such an original structure for this kind for about 2000 years.


When visiting Venice you will cross many bridges and walk through narrow alleys called "calli" which connect dozens of "campi", i.e. the local squares. Don’t miss the opportunity to rid off the traffic and enjoy a more peaceful way of life. 


Only in Venice you can take a gondola, the typical venetian boat, which is the best way to experience the most fascinating and secluded places in town.


Once you get to the beautiful San Marco Square, you will be able to admire the stunning architecture. Take a look under the Procuratie Vecchie and you will find the FOPE flagship store with our exclusive creations and unique pieces that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. 

Like most of the Italian cities, Venice boasts an incredible rich food and wine tradition: in Venice you can go for a tour called “giro dei bacari”, a walk or rather a long wander across the most typical Venetian osterias where you can taste the “cicchetti”, local tapas mostly created according to the regional fish traditions.




The perfect look? Combine the subtle luxury of FOPE jewellery with the elegance of black and white.

In Venice the weather is really hot, especially during the summer. Bring light and comfortable clothes with you and opt for cotton or even better, silk and linen. 
Black and white shirts are a must for the summer look: they can be underdressed or overdressed in order to suit any occasion and, of course, they represent an ever elegant choice.


Complete your outfit with a straw hat, embellish it with a colored ribbon and wear the FOPE long necklaces for a 100% Italian Dolce Vita style. You can pick the diamonds pavé or the colored stone set of Eka Tiny collection or even the original design of Prima, the latest addition to the Flex’it family.