The origin of Carnival

Carnival is most likely rooted in the ancient Greece (Dionysia) and Roman (Saturnalia) traditional festivals. During these times there was a temporary suspension of rules and hierarchies, while merrymaking and mockery were not only allowed but even encouraged.
Over the centuries the Republic of Venice renewed this tradition by granting the population a special period dedicated to fun and celebration. The worldwide renowned Venetian masks and costumes come from the need people had to keep their anonymity while social conventions were exceptionally reversed.

Let’s celebrate in San Marco square

Nowadays Venice still remains the perfect destination to celebrate the Carnival. Until Mardi Gras, San Marco square is transformed into an astounding showcase of local crafts, artisan skills and Made in Italy excellence - and of course colourful characters. During these weeks, the FOPE flagship store windows are Carnival-themed and the jewellery there include some remarkable new pieces.
Make sure you go visit!