There’s a moment when the fog vanishes and the sky reveals an intense blue. On rainy days the tide rises and duckboards are lined across town. And when the light goes down, the cafè and the shop lights attract pedestrians with the promise of warmth and cosiness.



These days FOPE celebrates the first anniversary of its flagship store in San Marco square. During this past year we welcomed visitors from all around the world and received enthusiastic feedbacks by customers who have loved the place. The sophisticated atmosphere created by dark woods, warm lights and precious fabrics create the perfect environment to discover the FOPE collections on display - including some stunning jewels which are usually hard to find in the jewellery stores.
It has been a very positive year, thanks to the appeal of FOPE’s creations and to a great Sales Team that has played an important part in building a success which has exceeded any expectation.
To all the reader who are currently in Venice or are planning a trip, the FOPE flagship store is always open, Sundays and bank holidays included.