They say you have to love yourself for others to love you. It was a time of great happiness for Anna: she felt attractive, and when she walked through a crowd, it was as though everyone could see it.
Like that evening when they went to Viola’s husband’s party. Until the last minute she wanted to stay home and pack her suitcase. Her flight left at the crack of dawn the next day, and she would have preferred to take a bath and relax. But Alessandro insisted: they were such a good group of friends.

So there they were. They arrived at the same time as another couple, and they introduced themselves as they went up in the lift. He was tall, with a carefully trimmed reddish beard, wearing a chequered suit and a large blue scarf but no coat (how could he not feel the cold?). She was blonde and petite, seemingly ageless but apparently the youngest of the four. She wore a black overcoat which fell almost to her ankles and had a slight foreign accent.
They were greeted by a flash, no doubt Teresa’s idea: she had rigged up a camera to photograph her guests as they arrived. It was a shame that there were four strangers in the snapshot, though.


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