The new year has arrived: you celebrated, wore your best attire, exchanged wishes and kissed under the mistletoe. Now it is time to relax and quickly recharge.
FOPE recommends that you wear comfortable clothes, sip reinvigorating infusions and renew the subscription to that gym you tend not to go as much as you wished. Most of all be kind with yourself and indulge a bit, for instance get a beautiful piece of jewellery from the Phylo collection.


2017 starts with FOPE’s latest collection, Phylo, a perfect match to any holiday look. This jewellery set has an everyday appeal and can be upgraded by stacking or layering multiple pieces.
Fine, silky and luxuriously minimalistic, this smooth version of the iconic Novecento mesh is wonderful to wear. Phylo includes necklaces - available in different lengths, bracelets, earrings and bulky rings - available with or without diamonds.