A superb blend of technology and craftsmanship

Unique jewellery brimming with innovative, customised style

While Fope has always had a flair for experimentation and innovation, the recent challenges of international success and globalisation have inspired several important choices. First and foremost was the decision to remain in Vicenza and invest extensively in structuring processes and computerising production. Leading-edge numerical control machinery – much of it customised – is the jewel in the factory’s crown, where Fope’s industrial approach is constantly evolving.

Handing down a legacy of expertise

Vicenza is one of three historic centres of jewellery making in Italy. Workshops large and small have always crafted gold here, creating deep-rooted traditions which are passed down the generations. Some things may have changed, but Fope and the Cazzola family have been honing techniques for making their beautiful jewellery since 1929. The expertise of Fope’s master goldsmiths is priceless: it’s what makes every piece so unique.

Quality above all

Once production is complete, every piece of Fope jewellery is checked meticulously: from colour and design to the cut and carat weight of the diamonds, not forgetting a close examination of every last feature. Attention to detail is essential: approved jewellery is placed inside vacuum-sealed transparent bags, guaranteeing that Fope’s white-gloved experts were the last to handle it.