• Elegance made easy

    The Solo collection brings a new contemporary slant to Unica, the brand’s best-selling range in the Nineties. The bracelet’s gold mesh is now flexible, the proportions are slightly smaller than the thicker chains in vogue at the time, and there are numerous new versions with gold loops, pearls and diamonds in different carats. The matching set also includes chokers, chain and tassel necklaces, earrings and rings.


    Solo is the first collection to feature Fope’s Flex’it rings. Crafted entirely from 18 carat gold just like the eponymous bracelets, the rings come with the famous mechanism of microscopic gold springs hidden in the mesh, making them incredibly comfortable to wear at any time of day. Having revolutionised the way women wear bracelets, Fope’s exclusive technology has now been applied to rings, making it easy to change them and wear several at once on the wrist (or fingers).


    With a selection of white, yellow and pink gold, diamonds, natural stones, rondelle beads and a myriad of other variations, Solo is the perfect choice for anyone who loves colour. The bracelets are covered entirely in free-moving rondelle beads, the gold mesh barely visible beneath stunning palettes of pink sapphires and diamonds, contrasting blue sapphires with white gold or even black and brown diamonds. Once again Fope jewellery stands out for its understated elegance and inimitable character.