Love Nest

Love Nest

  • Timeless flexibility

    Love Nest is made entirely with 18-carat gold and is the newest collection in the Flex’it range. The tightly woven design, soft lines and flexible bracelets characterise the set, which is also made up of chokers, rings and earrings in the same style. Each piece of jewellery boasts three gold rondelles hinting at floral patterns, also available with diamonds.


    For those who love to wear colourful jewellery, for those in search of something more precious and for those who want everything from Love Nest, a revised version of the original model is available. The slight alteration of the lines allows for a larger surface which accommodates the diamonds and the chance to experiment with degradé effects. In this way, different diamonds are applied; black and white, brown and white or even ones with pink sapphires.


    The Fope woman is elegant. Her day is filled with errands and for this reason she chooses the accessories she likes which at the same time make her life easier. She uses technology but will always prefer a handwritten letter. She lives in the city, but retreats to nature at every chance. She wears different styles, but she loves to showcase her jewellery on every occasion; they are such sophisticated and comforting pieces that she can lovingly wear them wherever she goes.