Gold rings

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A gold ring may embody different symbols: it may be a declaration of love or promise, it may represent a renewed commitment or celebrate an anniversary. It is often also a gift that we buy for ourselves, as a reward and a treat or simply, because we saw that particular jewel and fell in love with it. FOPE lady’s rings are part of bigger collections and parures that include bracelets, necklaces and earrings, to complete the look and to be matched with each other. The design of these rings is inspired to the Novecento mesh and is characterized by the different volumes engraved in the gold, typical of the bracelet and necklace, as a sort of interlaced rings. Flex’it rings are also part of the collection, characterized by the exclusive system of tiny gold springs that FOPE conceived and patented: here the elegance further merges with comfort thanks to the easy fit of each jewel. In conclusion, there are band rings of relevant thickness and modern style. In yellow, white or pink gold, the lady’s rings are also available with diamond pave' or natural color stones, strictly made in Italy, to be precise, in Vicenza.