Fope’s corporate and production policies have been bound by the highest ethical values since the company was founded back in 1929. These choices are fundamental to every aspect of our work: from sourcing raw materials and maintaining quality standards to producing and shipping our jewellery. The emphasis we place on our supplier relationships and in-house processes is part of our corporate responsibility, and this role is reflected above all in our commitment to society and, as a result, our customers.

Certified responsibilities and principles

Fope runs its business based on guiding standards of ethics, efficiency and respect. It encourages all staff and associates to adopt positive behaviours, to constantly improve product quality and to appreciate each person individually and as part of a team.


To support its commitment to corporate responsibility, in 2013 Fope was assessed by an accredited independent auditor and subsequently became a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the international non-profit organisation which sets ethical standards for the entire jewellery production chain.

Guaranteed quality at source.

Globalisation and the opening up of new markets have made it even more important to certify all-Italian products and continue the fight against counterfeiters. Under current Italian legislation, objects made from precious metals and alloys must be engraved with at least two hallmarks (the identifying hallmark and mark of fineness), but Fope has decided to take its responsibility even further. Fope has registered its trademarks and protects its products through industrial and design patents. It is also certified under the TF - Traceability & Fashion system operated by the Italian Chambers of Commerce under the Unionfiliere organisation.