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    The Lovely Daisy collection of gold jewellery is as light and romantic as a flower worn in your hair. Evoking happy memories of your first ever piece of jewellery, it was created for women who already wear Fope and all those who’ve always dreamed of it… This original new take on the iconic Novecento mesh is delicate and ever-elegant, designed to be worn without a care in the world.


    For the first time ever, Fope’s designers have moved the spotlight away from the mesh – always the star of each new collection – and distilled its iconic lines. It’s the pendent that stands out from this style fusion, and the new symbol of the brand makes it instantly recognisable. The necklaces and earrings come in different sizes, some featuring diamonds and all with the same incomparable delicacy as ever.


    The Lovely Daisy collection includes necklaces, earrings and a bracelet, but no rings. So how to make up a set? No problem! With Fope’s versatile designs you can mix and match your jewellery and create any look you want, since the collections are perfectly compatible. Wearing Fope is fun, whatever the occasion!