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A winter of love

You can smell it in the crisp air, it’s that feeling that preludes the holiday season. It gets dark earlier, but this won’t stop you from getting together. It will actually make you wish to celebrate even more.
Cherish your bonds and have fun with your partners in crime, be it your family, friends or lovers, because that is meant to be. What is your everyday source of happiness? If it’s a tune, then sing it. If it’s a dress, wear it. And if it’s a person, hold them close.

It is a winter of love and the FOPE jewellery will add a unique twist to any wardrobe choice. The only rule is that there is no rule, but your own. Spread the joy!

Style choices

FOPE’s international success was initially sparkled by the brand’s distinctive gold mesh chain which can be found at the core of all collections. Over time elegance and comfort have blended into one simple concept: Everyday Luxury. So stack the Flex’it bracelets to make a statement or pick a gold ring and match colours, pair designs: the more the merrier. Layer the new Luna necklaces for a bolder look. Experiment! Most jewellery can be equally worn by men and women, so feel free to steal from one another and create endless combinations.

Whether you are looking for a present or you are making a wish, here you will find inspiration for the perfect jewellery to share the love.