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A glam-chic look for New Year's Eve

This year, more than ever, get ready to celebrate, dance and have fun with the people you love. If you are seeking the perfect style for the most special evening, FOPE will give you inspiration. Glamour or elegance? Why choosing? The only rule is your own.

A sparkling suite with a sophisticated take, this is FOPE’s idea of luxury and Super Eka fits the description perfectly. Elevate your outfit with a precious touch, like Lara who wears the diamond pavé earrings available in three design variants. When worn individually, these jewellery pieces will add an extra touch of sophisticated elegance every day.

When it comes to the FOPE man, he loves to explore unconventional styles and express his attitude through exclusive details. Andrea wears the Super Eka ring, a white gold band, chunky and light at the same time. Whether you choose the very contemporary immaculate white gold version or the stunning glittering one, this piece is both rich and extremely versatile.

The star of the collection is the necklace, stands out thanks to the opulence of the diamonds which make the wider section of the white gold mesh sparkle bright. The combination of shapes, light and symmetries embodies the brand's high level of expertise gained over the years. Although the necklace is ideal for high-end events, one can also dare wearing it with a smart-casual look in more easy-going occasions.

We are all ready to shine on New Year's Eve, to be together, to express how we feel and above all who we are. Glam or chic, where do you stand?

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