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What is FOPE jewellery like? When should I wear it, and what combinations work best?

Anyone familiar with the brand knows that every piece is crafted exclusively from 18 carat gold at our Vicenza workshop: the quality and beauty of the jewellery speak for themselves. But only by trying on a FOPE bracelet, necklace, ring or earring can you appreciate how wonderful they feel on the skin.
Anyone who owns a FOPE jewel wants to wear it always. No matter the collection, the design of the gold mesh offers a subtle form of elegance that is never overstated. It exudes light and opulence, but always in moderation. Anyone with a discerning eye will recognise it.

With this in mind, FOPE presents an original edit of the series of micro videos it posted on social media last spring. The scenes roll by in a crescendo of situations we’re all familiar with, from working life to receiving a gift, fun times to a romantic tryst.
FOPE jewellery is designed and crafted for this very reason: to bring pleasure and opulence at every time of day.

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