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The festive look

The clock is ticking, your to-do list is getting shorter and if you haven’t decided what to wear yet, it is time you make up your mind. Despite the pandemic which is still keeping the world on the alert, these are the days for celebrating. So be safe, but enjoy yourself! Whether it is a romantic dinner or a family gathering, an aprés-ski or a more formal occasion, FOPE encourages you to indulge in all the elegance you wish.

2021 was the year FOPE launched its first extensive jewellery line dedicated to men. The new gold pieces belong to five of the brand’s bestselling collections re-imagined for men and come in white or rose gold set with black diamonds. Alongside the wide range of Flex’it bracelets, namely the brand’s best-selling concept, a sophisticated festive look should include the new cufflinks paired with a tuxedo and a matching Panorama Flex’it ring or a gold necklace to wear under a sartorial shirt. The jewellery colour combinations and the black diamonds set upside down along the edges of the Solo cufflinks will elevate any elegant outfit, adding a bold masculine twist to it.

Among all the women’s jewellery FOPE has created, the Bubble Rings are certainly the most colourful and fun. From their name to the generous size and the precious stones, these rings both look very elegant and feel extremely wearable. Whichever festive outfit you will go for, the Bubble Rings capsule collection is the most covetable new jewellery release of 2021 as it introduces an explosion of joy and allows for pairing different gold colours with diamonds, pink or blue or multicolour sapphires. For those who like to dress their jewellery up, the Novecento gold mesh embracing each ring make it a natural match to all other FOPE designs.

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