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FOPE Mountain chic look

After visiting Venice and Isola Bella, FOPE’s #ItalianDiaries series continues with a trip to the beautiful mountains in the Veneto region. The protagonist treats herself to a brief romantic getaway while temperatures are still mild and both the light and the scenery are turning to the typical winter colours.

Time flies, but two days off are enough for a nice stroll in the woods and for getting an aperitif in Asiago’s main square. The historic bars and its central position make it the perfect destination for people watching and to be admired a little. When the evening switches to a more intimate tone between the pool table and the fireplace, the FOPE jewellery is once again an obvious choice, as is a quick change of outfit and jewellery collection.


The comfort of Flex’it, the necklace smooth gold mesh and the light of the earrings are an essential complement to any elegant appointment. It is the Eka MiaLuce collection, one of the richest designs, but the gold and the diamonds of FOPE’s jewellery lines provide endless combinations and the freedom to customise them. Every woman can interpret her own idea of luxury by wearing an iconic style as they prefer, just like actress and writer Miriam Candurro in these photos - and in time her personal FOPE collection will grow, offering more and more options to mix and match.

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