Fope Icons

Back in the 1970s FOPE specialised in producing watchstraps in gold and other metals for Switzerland’s leading watchmakers, a task requiring exceptional levels of craftsmanship, precision and specific technologies. In the 1980s the company decided to draw on this wealth of expertise to create its very own mesh, launching a jewellery range which is highly distinctive, instantly recognisable and unique on the international jewellery scene.


In 1985 FOPE created the Novecento mesh, today the true brand’s icon, shaping it into many different designs: the brand’s signature style brought it success in Italy and, later, world-wide.

The Novecento stands out for its three-dimensional round or oval structure. The 18 carat gold parts which make up the chain are interlinked, making the jewellery softer, elegant and easy to wear.

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