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Ethics and Certifications


FOPE's products and internal processes have always been inspired by the highest ethics. The idea of entrepreneurial responsibility represents a fundamental value shared by all the generations of the funding family that have led the company throughout the decades.

Today more than ever being an international brand requires the utmost commitment toward sustainable practices and ethical choices, efficiency and respect. FOPE strives to constantly improve its internal procedures and aims to create well-made beautiful jewellery that last in time.


FOPE takes into great consideration the impact generated by all its activities and in order to substantiate its pledge to pursue its sustainable goals, the company joined the Responsible Jewellery Council in 2013 and became a certified member in 2014.

The RJC [https://www.responsiblejewellery.com] certification provides further guarantee of the quality of the FOPE jewellery and the ethics of the whole process - from the sourcing of gold and diamonds to its workforce wellbeing, from production to logistics, from the environmental impact to jewellery traceability.

On top of FOPE's renewed Certification (with audits taking place every three years), the company aims to also influence positive change among suppliers.


The FOPE headquarters are located in a residential neighbourhood in Vicenza. The building, which was designed by renowned ASA Studio Albanese, opened its doors in 2000 and hosts both the factory and the offices.

A recent extension has added a floor and solar panels on the roof while keeping the perfectly integrated with the surrounding area. With no noises or emissions, the environmental impact of the FOPE factory is minimal and only concerns the production-related consumption of electric energy - which comes from renewable sources.

On top of this, FOPE plays its part in the environmental preservation also by pursuing carbon footprint neutrality and it keeps reviewing its policies in order to improve and engage all stakeholders in the process.


FOPE has implemented a code of ethics which includes its corporate key values and indicates its conduct towards employees, shareholders and stakeholders while urging them to adopt positive change as well. Legal compliance merely represents the starting point toward a constant strive to promote a culture of respect for people, environment and all kind or resources.

In case of questions or if you wish to learn more, please contact ethics[at]fope.com