Eau 558 FOPE’s new fragrance

Eau 558 FOPE’s new fragrance

FOPE presents a new project, a brand extension that will introduce a new experience involving the sense of smell. FOPE launches Eau 558, a sophisticated unisex fragrance rich in complex seductive notes. It represents a subtle presence and, just like a piece of jewellery, it feels incredibly pleasant on the skin while becoming a precious accessory to wear every day.
The jewel-like bottle containing Eau 558 has been artfully made with green glass, the exact shade of FOPE’s pantone colour, and it has a gold-plated neck inspired by the brand’s signature Novecento mesh chain, with a hand-blown Murano glass stopper.

Created by famous French perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, Eau 558 is an exclusive fragrance only available in selected stores. Contact FOPE to learn where to find it.


The 558 scented candle

The same notes of citrus and black pepper that then make room for a spicy aromatic heart and end with warm cedar wood can also be found in the 558 candle. At its core, there is a blend of ingredients that have be specifically created for the wax to diffuse the same scent as FOPE’s fragrance. This time FOPE collaborates with Venini, the coveted Venetian brand globally known for its beautiful glass creations, and launches a new kind of jewel. It is a custom-made green vase featuring a simple yet refined design which is crafted by the glass masters in the Burano furnaces. Luxury is in the details.